Unit 1:  American Beginnings to 1738This unit will focus on the role of several societies in the discovery and settlement of America   

Unit 2:  Shaping A New Nation (1781-1850)This unit will focus on the struggles and successes of the U.S. in the early years of its formation. 

Unit 3:  Growth, Disunion, and Reconstruction (1800-1877)This unit will focus on the events that led to the civil war and resulting effects. 

Unit 4: Industrialization of the US (1840-1945) This unit will focus on the growth and development of the U.S. through progress and technology. 

Unit 5: Modern America Emerges (1880-1920)This unit will focus on the causes and justifications for Imperialism, the Progressive Era, and WWI. 

Unit 6: Roaring Twenties, Great Depression & WWII (1920-1945)This unit will focus on the turbulent times of the 20’s, and the depression that encompassed the US, and the turning events surrounding WWII. 

Unit 7: Living with Great Turmoil (1945-1968)This unit will focus on the aftermath of WWII: rebuilding Europe, the US postwar boom, the New Frontier under President Kennedy's administration, and the Great Society under President Johnson's administration. 

Unit 8: Challenges and Change (1950-1980)This unit will investigate the impact that WWII had on the US resulting in a push for change. Material will focus on the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War conflict, the emerging counterculture in the US during the 60's & 70's, and the confidence crisis that developed in the US during the 80's.               

Unit 9: Conservative Tide and Beyond (1980-present)This unit will focus on the application of historical themes to current trends and world events.