1.  Respect: Be kind to each other.

ü       When someone else is talking listen. 

ü       Think before you speak or act.

ü       Keep your hands to yourself and your own stuff. 

2. Food & Drinks: You make a mess, you clean it up.

ü       Drinks are allowed, but you are responsible to take care of any spills.

ü       Food is only allowed on special occasions and  must be okay'd prior to bringing anything in. 

3. Assignments: All assignments are due the date determined when assigned.

ü       Work should be completed at the beginning of class not ½ way through the class period.

ü       If they are not ready at the beginning of the class hour they will be considered late.

ü       Late work can be turned in for ½ credit (50% of possible points) and is due 1 week prior to the end of the term.

ü       If absent missed assignment(s) are due 3 days after you return to school.

ü       Extra credit assignments will be provided sporadically, but all regularly assigned work needs to be completed before handing in extra credit. 

4. Note Taking:  Is required!

ü       Exams questions are taken directly from lecture material, so yes taking notes is important.

ü       At the end of each unit “Notes” notebooks will be collected and graded.

ü       Notes turned in must be hand written and done by you (no typing). 

5. Leaving the Classroom: A hall pass is available.

ü       Only one person can be gone at a time.

ü       Pass may only be used at the end of class IF we are done with lecture or activities.

ü       If leaving is imperative to participating in class (need notebook, assignment, ect) you will be able to go “once,” but  next time  will result in a noon detention - Please come prepared!  

6. Class Dismissal: The bell does not signal for you to get up and leave.

ü       Three simple steps: 1- Room needs to be clean (paper off the floor, books put away, ect),    2- Everyone must be seated in a desk chair., 3- Desk must be straight and in the right rows.

ü       I will give you the go ahead once steps 1-3 are done…if you want to be released right when the bell rings get these things done ahead of time. 

7. In Class Correcting:  Homework, quizzes, ect.

ü       Desks have to be cleared except for a RED pen. 

 ü       Be honest,  not marking items wrong or giving an incorrect score is considered cheating. 

8. Quizzes & Exams:

ü       All materials not needed to complete the exam/quiz needs to be under your desk.

ü       Blue or Black pen or a pencil may be used.

ü       There is no talking during quiz/exam. To ask a question you need to raise your hand.

ü       You must remain in your seat until you are ready to turn in your quiz/exam (no getting up to go to the bathroom or sharpen your pencil).