1.        Tardiness: You must be in class and seated in their assigned seats when the bell rings. The 1st  time that you are tardy you will receive a warning.  The 2nd time  will result in a detention during your lunch time.

2.        Swearing:  Swearing will not be tolerated.  You will receive one warning if you use inappropriate language.  The 2nd offense will result in a detention during your lunch time.

3.        Cell Phones: Cell phones are not permitted in class at anytime per school policy.

4.        Electronics:  Music devices (IPODs, MP3 players, ect.) and hand held games are not permitted in class, with the exception of exam times (once you are finished with the exam you may use them).  If I see any of these items on non-exam days I will confiscate them and you will not be able to retrieve them until after 2:52 pm that day.


5.        Cheating: Cheating is not tolerated. This includes copying of someone else’s work and violating procedures on quizzes and exams!  If a student is caught cheating the first offense will result in the student receiving a grade of zero for that assignment, quiz, or exam. Second offense will result in an F and 0 pts for the quarter.  The third offense will result in a semester grade of an F.